“We embark upon this endeavor with grit & grace — and a whole lot of gratitude. Looking forward to helping you with your legal needs!”

Managing Attorney

Erica J. Busch

B.S.C. University of Miami - J.D. Hofstra University

Managing Attorney

Sofiya Shoaib

B.A. Stony Brook University - J.D. Hofstra University

The managing partners, Erica Busch, Esq. and Sofiya Shoaib, Esq. attended Hofstra University School of Law in New York, where they graduated with Juris Doctorate degrees in 2012.

After law school, the attorneys individually gained valuable experience in private legal practice working with solo practitioners and law firms in Florida and New York. While working for other firms the attorneys were mentored by great legal minds who delivered valuable insight into both the actual practice of law and the business and managerial aspects of operating a successful law firm.

Ms. Busch, licensed to practice law in Florida, solidified her practice of law in Family, Criminal Defense and Real Estate Law in the state of Florida. Ms. Busch provides her clients with a down to earth and straight forward approach to their respective legal issues so that every single client understands the legal process and knows that their interests are being fully represented and fully protected.

Ms. Shoaib gained her initial knowledge and experience in Family, Real Estate and Civil Litigation in New York before relocating to Florida in early 2017. Ms. Shoaib is licensed to practice law in both Florida and New York. Ms. Shoaib handles each client’s matter with diligence, compassion and patience and provides her clients with a comprehensive, individualized legal approach to each unique matter.

Both attorneys were raised to be fierce advocates of justice from a young age. Motivated by their mutual compassion for others, unwavering tenacity when faced with complex problems, and extensive legal knowledge and experience, Magnolia Law came into fruition.

Magnolia Law was founded on the core principles of compassion, integrity, resilience, and fortitude. Our law firm is committed to providing quality legal advice and results.

The extensive combined experiences of Ms. Busch and Ms. Shoaib, along with their mutual desire to exemplify compassion and dedication to their clients has resulted in Magnolia Law taking a sophisticated and individualized approach to our clients’ needs. Magnolia Law offers straight-forward, cost effective and uniquely tailored legal advice and litigation strategies.

When you retain Magnolia Law, you can expect to be treated respectfully, have your questions answered promptly and in an easy to understand manner, and be kept informed of important developments in your case. We are a team of diligent, hard-working, experienced and compassionate attorneys, zealously and eagerly advocating for your rights.

The initial goal of our law firm is always to attempt to resolve your matter in an amicable way. However, if issues cannot be resolved amicably and without litigation — Magnolia Law is a formidable opponent in every case we take on. Our attorneys will be aggressive yet thoughtful in representing you in court and we will fight with both grit and grace to secure a favorable outcome for every single one of our clients in every single case we choose to take on.

Reach out today and let us handle your legal matter!

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

— Maya Angelou

Whether you have been accused of committing a crime, are in the middle of a contentious divorce or child custody battle, about to embark upon the purchase of a new home, or you are a forward-thinking entrepreneur — you can benefit greatly from the strategic and sophisticated advice of a knowledgeable attorney at Magnolia Law.